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The Best Teaching Tool for Learning Math Concepts!

I’ll be honest with you – I was a student who REALLY struggled with math in school. I couldn’t see how it applied to every-day life or other learning subjects. I know that if my teachers had provided me with this tool growing up, it would have been a GAME-CHANGER. …

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Drop Flower, Owl and Gilded Moon Earrings

Subject : Purple Owl Stands On The Moon Process : Hand-painted enamel by experienced drawer Enamel is a traditional and excellent technology, it shows the colors with a beautiful and graceful way, it attracts people of all ages Characteristics : Type: Drop Earrings Shapepattern: Moon Material: Copper Alloy Suitable Occasion: …

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The STEM Subjects Schools Aren’t Teaching

Let’s take a look 5 Stem subjects schools are NOT teaching (that parents should consider their kids) – Schools are not able to do it all! That’s where educational activities come in. Boss Club makes a great gift and challenges kids to think in ways no other box can. Get …

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