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Glitter Germ Experiment

Show your kids how using soap works to get rid of germs in this glitter germ science experiment. You can also use it to show how thorough they need to be while washing their hands. Germs are everywhere, show your kids how important soap is to get rid of them …

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Fun with Science: 27 Sensory Science Experiments for Kids

27 Science Experiments for Kids | Whether you’re looking for sensory science experiments for kids to do at home, or science project ideas for kids in elementary school to teach kids about the scientific method and chemical reactions, this collection of simple, easy, and fun STEM activities and ideas will …

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Conditional probability cheat sheet

Math cheat sheet about conditional probability with an explanation of what that is and how to calculate it. Further explanations, examples, worksheets etc. can be found here Studimup.de! Incidentally, you can also download and print the cheat sheets there for free. Simply learn math with Studimup. This pin is only …

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